Opening Ceremony of the International Workshop on Developing Skills in Health Planning
The international workshop on “Developing Skills in Health Planning” was held at September 11, 2017

The international workshop onDeveloping Skills in Health Planning” was held at September 11, 2017, for 3 days. Lecturers were Dr. Samen Sedighi, WHO representative in Iran, Dr. Majdzadeh, Dr. Akbari Sari, and Dr. Takian. Thirty participants from 10 universities and institutions were attended, mostly faculty members of Medical Universities.

In the opening ceremony, Dr. Akbari Sari, the Dean of the SPH, while welcoming the participants, mentioned the goals of the workshop. Then, Dr. Takian, Deputy Dean for International Affairs and workshop-holder, mentioned more details of the workshop agenda and planning for health system transformation. “It is hoped that similar workshops will be held for policy-makers and planners of the Iranian Health System all around the country”, he said. In the following, Dr. Samen Sedighi asserted “I am glad to see such workshops”, and asked for full participation in discussions to achieve better outcomes. Finally, Dr. Majdzadeh, the head of the National Institute of Health Research, noted some key points to clarify objectives of the workshop.

It’s worth noting that this 3-day workshop was held with the collaboration of the WHO, and participants attended for 3 consecutive days from 8am to 5pm at the SPH. At the end, each participant received a joint certificate from the SPH and WHO.

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