Sunday, October 25, 2020   09:46:33
Environmental Health Engineering

Research Topics

1.   Air pollution, Health and control

2.   Environmental pollution control and Technology

3.   Environmental Health and Sustainable Development

4.   Environmental health impact assessment

5.   Environmental Health Toxicology and Risk Assessment

6.   Environmental Epidemiology and community Health

7.   Environmental Ecology and Human Health

8.   Food Health and Safety

9.   Industrial wastewater treatment

10.     Municipal Wastewater Collection and Treatment

11.     Soil Pollution and Remediation

12.     Waste management and Technology

13.     Water Health, Treatment and Technology

14.     Water Resources Management

Strategic Plan:


1.   Promoting Research 

2.   Advance Learning 

3.   Accelerating International and Regional Collaborations


  Promoting Research Actions:


·  Actively seek and pursue research ideas from faculty and staff members, students, individuals and organizations outside the university that involve cross unit participation  

·  Develop and refine interdisciplinary environmental health research proj ects and programs to address the changing needs of society  

·  Make joint, mutually beneficial faculty hires and contribute to salary support on a long or intermediate term basis

·    Help departments recruit new faculty members with environmental health engineering, science and management research interests 

·  Alert interested the faculty members to opportunities for interdisciplinary environmental health research and outreach projects and to potential funding sources  

·   Help faculty and staff members prepare and submit interdisciplinary environmental health research proposals  

·   Provide logistical support to faculty and staff members for interdisciplinary environmental health research projects

·  Share indirect cost recovery accruing from extramural grants with the home departments of investigators, as appropriate  

·  Enhance cross-campus communication and networking on environmental health concerns  

·  Explore new ways to support schools, departments, and other units in environmental health research  

·  Develop and strengthen collaborative research projects with other public and private organizations at the state, national, and international levels  

·  Facilitate links with faculty members, departments, and schools at other universities to strengthen our own research activities  

·  Promote use of the science and research campus and community as a living laboratory to teach, test and demonstrate environmentally sound practices