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Environmental Health Engineering



Dr. Alireza Mesdaghinia

Public Health and Environmental Health,Environmental Quality,Water and Waste water Management

Dr. Simin Nasseri naserise

Innovative Processes Of Water treatment,Waste water treatment,Soil Pollution Control and Phytoremediation,Water Safety

Dr. Kazem Naddafi 


Environmental Health Engineering,Air Pollution Control,Environmental pollution Control

Dr. Masoud Yunesian 

Epidemiology With emphasis on environmental factors

Dr. Ramin Nabizadeh

Biological Treatment,Environmental Modeling,Solid Waste Management,Water Quality,EIA-EHIA;

Dr. Mohammad Hadi Dehghani

Environmental Health Engineering and pollution Control

Dr. Kamyar Yaghmayian

Solid Waste Management,Waste water treatment,Water Reuse 

Dr. Gholamreza  Jahead 

Food Microbiology and Safety,Food Safety and Hygiene,Food Chemical Safety

Dr. Mahmoud Alimohammadi

Environmental Health Engineering and pollution Control

Associate Professor

Dr.Nabi Shariatifar

Food safety,Food contaminant,Food chemistryFood safety,Food contaminant,Food chemistryFood safety,Food contaminant,Food chemistry
Dr. Amir Hossein Mahvi

Environmental Health Engineering,Water treatment plant Design,Water Quality Management,Water Transfer,Waste water collect

Water Distribution,Water Resources Development

Assistant  Professor

Dr. Parisa Sedighara

Toxicology,Food safety,Toxicity Test,Risk Assessment

Dr.Fazlollah Changani

Environmental Engineering,Industrial Waste water Treatment

Dr.Masoomeh Moghadam Arjmand

Environmental Health Engineering,Water Quality and Management,Water microbiology

Dr.Mirzaman Zamanzadeh


Waste water Treatment ,Process,Optimization and Modeling,Biological Waste water Treatment,Waste water Treatment Modeling,Bio Energy From Waste

Dr.Ebrahim Molaei


Food safety,Food safety Management systems,Food Sampling