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Environmental Health Engineering

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Air Pollution

Lab Introduction:

This lab is the Ministry of Health reference laboratory. In this laboratory, the activities related to air pollution include:

Sampling, extraction and measurement of pollutants using standard methods and modern methods approved by national and international accredited organizations using advanced and portable equipment. Also, using the scientific abilities and valuable experiences of faculty members and experts, scientific and specialized affairs including participation in theses and projects of graduate students (master and Ph.D.), national and regional studies, student education Graduate (master and Ph.D.), holding workshops, providing educational services to experts of related organizations in all parts of the country, providing services and services related to governmental organizations and private organizations and private sector. This laboratory will be implemented.



1. Measurement of all particles in the air

2. Measurement of PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles in the air

3. Counting and dispensing of particles in the air

4. Measurement of particle concentration in exhaust gases of chimneys and channels

5. Measurement of NO, NO2, CO, SO2 and CO2 in the exhaust gases of chimneys and channels

6. Analysis and sampling of exhaust gases from chimneys and channels

7. Radioactive radiation measurements (α, β and g)

8. Measuring Radon

9. Measurement of SO2 in the air

10. Measurement of NO2 in the air

11. Measurement of gases in the air

12. Measure VOC in air

13. Measurement of NO2, SO2, CO in air

14. Measurement of H2S in the air

15. Calibration of air sampling pumps

16. Calibration of air sampling pumps

17. Sound pressure level measurement in urban and industrial environments



1- Air sampling pump

2- High Volume Sampler- TSP

3- High Volume Sampler Graseby+PM10

4- Stack Sampler

5- Testo 350 Stack Analyzer

6- VOC analyzer

7- Haze dust monitoring

8- Radon meter

9- Alpha Beam Dosimeters

10- Dry gas meter (UGI Meters LTD)

11- Wet gas meter (Alexander Wright)

12- GRIMM Environmental Dust Station

13- Beta and Gama Beam Dosimeters

14- GRIMM Particle Analyzer

15- Elyzareader

16- Laboratory furnaces