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Environmental Health Engineering

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Environmental Microbiology

Microbiology Laboratory Profile:

This is the ministry of health reference Laboratory. In this laboratory most of the services are related to microbial analyses of water and wastewater and foods (sampling and measurement of different pollutants according to the standard and modern methods which were approved by accreadible national and international organizations) are provided.

It's worth mentioning that , by taking advantages of valuable experience of experts and university faculty members, technical and scientific cooperation in theses and research projects of postgraduate students will be carry out furthermore, conducting national/ regional research , training postgraduate students , holding workshops. Special education services for staff who are relevant to these organization in all around the country, and relevant services to civil services organization and private sectors are being offered.


  1. Detection of Molds in Food
  2. Counting All Aerobic Microbes in Milk
  3. Detection of Yeasts in Food
  4. Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) Bacteria
  5. Detection of Salmonella
  6. Detection of Shigella
  7. Total Coliforms Detection
  8. Fecal Coliforms Detection
  9. Fecal Streptococci Detection
  10. Egg Parasite Count
  11. Escherichia Coli Detection
  12. Biology Tests: Include in: Count of
  • Free Living Nematodes
  • Chlorophyta
  • Cyanophyta
  • Protozoa
  • Rotifer
  • Diatoms
  • -Crustaceans
  • -Colony Type
  • -Green algae

         And so on




  1. Real-Time PCR
  2. Microscop
  3. Incubator
  4. Moisture Oven
  5. Portable Incubator
  6. Ben Murray
  7. Autoclave
  8. Analytical Balance
  9. Loop
  10. Colony Counter
  11. Vacuum Pump
  12. Filtration Set
  13. Pipe Shaker
  14. Anaerobic Jar
  15. Desktop Furnace
  16. Laminar Hood
  17. PCR