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Monday 4/4/2016 Environmental Health Engineering

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Environmental Chemistry

Chemistry Laboratory Profile:

This is the ministry of health reference Laboratory. In this laboratory most of the services are related to chemical analyses of water and wastewater and foods (sampling and measurement of different pollutants according to the standard and modern methods which were approved by accreadible national and international organizations) are provided.

It's worth mentioning that , by taking advantages of valuable experience of experts and university faculty members, technical and scientific cooperation in theses and research projects of postgraduate students will be carry out furthermore, conducting national/ regional research , training postgraduate students , holding workshops. Special education services for staff who are relevant to these organization in all around the country, and relevant services to civil services organization and private sectors are being offered.


  1. pH measurement
  2. color measurment
  3. Turbidity measurement
  4. Electrical Conductivity measurement
  5. Total solids Dried at 103-105 measurment
  6. Total Hardness measurement
  7. Temporary Hardness
  8. Permanent Hardness measurement
  9. Alkalinity _P measurement
  10. Total Alkalinity
  11. Detergents (MBAS) measurement
  12. Flouride
  13. Chloride
  14. Sulfate
  15. Nitrate
  16. Nitrite
  17. Carbonate measurement
  18. Bicarbonate measurement
  19. Phosphorus
  20. Total Dissolved solid
  21. Volatile Solids in Solid
  22. Total solid test
  23. Carbon Dioxide measurement
  24. Chlorine (Residual) measurement
  25. Ammonia measurement
  26. Oil and grease test
  27. Biochemical oxygen Demand test
  28. Chemical oxygen Demand test
  29. Total suspended solids test
  30. Analysis of cations and anions of water


  1. pectrophotometer
  2. COD reactor
  3. Flame photometer
  4. pH meter
  5. Turbiditimeter
  6. Shaker
  7. Erlen shaker
  8. Portable TDS
  9. Analytical balance
  10. Jar test
  11. Oven
  12. Incubator
  13. Centrifuge
  14. Water purification System
  15. Kjeldahl mantle
  16. Six Row mantles of COD
  17. Furnace
  18. Heater
  19. Vacuumed pump