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Global Health and Public Policy

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The 4th Iran International Public Health Summer School
The 4th Iran International Public Health Summer School was held from 12 to 19 September 2016 to familiarize medical students with various fields of public health.

It was a blended course comprising of 35 days of online and 7 days of on campus courses focusing on introduction to public health, social determinants of health, health management, environmental health, biostatistics and epidemiology. Furthermore, the on campus course provided an excellent opportunity for participants to practice advocacy, teamwork, leadership and time management.

The unique characteristic of this summer school was implementation of creative and innovative educational methods. Tolls such as video-whiteboards, video-clips and forums during the online course and a simulated environment during the on campus course incorporated with story based gamified education, created an enjoyable educational experience for the participants.

Over 100 students from various educational backgrounds registered for the event, 79 of which were found eligible to attend the event. Participants were educated about basic concepts of public health during the online course and then during the on campus course they practiced by playing roles as public health professionals in different planets trying to restore health on a large scale in a simulated environment. A series of team activities was used to teach them about challenges and management options in a health system. 

With a partnership with the public health school of the Tehran University of medical sciences, the 4th Iran International Public Health Summer School, after successful experiences it had on 3 previous international and one national occasion, was the 5th educational course, designed and executed by the Iran public health school initiative team. It aimed for enabling Iran’s future health managers and personnel.

An important point to this course was that 70 Percent of its participants declared that they intended to study and learn more about public health after their participation in this summer school.


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