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Human Ecology

Introduction: In 1966 the Human Ecology Department started educational, research, and counselling activities to develop scientific knowledge and thinking method about human ecology in Iran in order to protect environment and create healthy and sustainable life. After the Cultural Revolution, this department also cooperated with other departments such as genetics, nutrition and biochemistry, population and pregnancy health. In 1992, this department started independently in the School of Public Health of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and maintained national, international and intra-organizational cooperation. Considering the increasing importance of a holistic and global human ecology approach and development of this field among prestigious universities of the world, with the help of curriculum development members of the education deputy, human ecology has been included in the program of medical studies since 2003 and approved on January 30th, 2010 by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and notified to all universities of Iran.


Mission: The science of human ecology is not merely a descriptive science but it is an interdisciplinary science which tries to improve the situation or maintain favorable conditions by studying and researching factors involved in creating the current status and environment of living for humanity. In fact, this science studies the environmental and chronological relations as affected by selective and adaptive forces and their influence on human organizations and behaviors and seeks to find correct and flawless principles in the system and resolve current problems.


Vision: Human health is heavily influenced by his surrounding and sustainable development. To ensure a healthy environment for present and future generations and also to find steady and sustainable solutions for environmental problems, sustainable development and human ecology must be concentrated on.


Research Fields: Human and environmental pollution, preserving resources for the future generations, green life (maintaining and improving lifestyle by focusing on development and preservation of the environment), managing human societies and creating public welfare, healthy food for everyone, energy and environmental resources


Majors and Degrees:

Students are not admitted yet due to conflicting courses of Human Ecology with other fields.