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Monday 4/4/2016 Health Management and Economics

Monday 5/27/2013

Health Management and Economics Department

Identity Statement
 Department was initially established in 1966 as “Department of Hospital Management”. In 2006, its name was changed into “Health Management and Economics Department” and engaged more actively in the research and education in the various areas including health care management, policy and economics. Currently, it is offering three PhD and three MSc degrees for both national and international applicants. It boasts a diverse, interdisciplinary group of faculty members—from health economists, policy analysts, and health management scientists.
Adopted 5/12/2020

Mission Statement
Department of Health Economics and Management is committed to teaching and research in all aspects of health systems and develop competent graduates to serve at various positions of the health system and public and private health care organizations.
Adopted 5/12/2020

Vision Statement
Our vision is to enhance our reputation as a nationally and regionally well-known teaching and research institution which is recognized for its innovation, excellence and discovery. We hope to be the best place of choice for the national and regional brightest students and be enticing for international applicants, prepare them for their future careers and lives as engaged citizens. 
Adopted 5/12/2020

We aspire to values which are based on the highest professional and academic standards in terms of personal growth and satisfaction offered to our staff and students, growth and excellence in what we do, teamwork that is based on respect, trust and integrity, and innovation to promote growth and value to our research collaborators and sponsors.
Adopted 5/12/2020

An experiance by a PhD student of this Department

Aspiring to venture into a career as a scholar, being a student in Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) has opened my mind towards the endless academic pursuits that one can desire and achieve in one's lifetime.

Health Management & Economics Department

Student day (Persian: روز دانشجو‎) In Iran, 16 Azar in the Iranian calendar (6th November), is called student day.