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Deputy for International Affairs


Deputy for International Affairs

Introduction: With the purpose of developing international relations, the Deputy for International Affairs at the School of Public Health has been established as a new deputy in 2013. During this short period the Deputy for International Affairs has made several achievements including internationalizing the school such as attracting foreign students, expanding relations with foreign universities, conducting international seminars, drawing memoranda of understanding with

World-class universities and research institutes as well as other international organizations, and exchanging foreign students and faculty members. Since the establishment of the International Affairs in the school, the directors have been Dr. Vatan-Doust and Dr.Takian.

Mission: Achieving a comprehensive and extensive internationalization scope for the School of Public Health in line with the four-years development program of the university

Vision: To achieve a comprehensive internationalization scope of the School of Public Health by establishing effective communications between the school’s chancellor, university’s deputy of international affairs and other departments and deputies of the School of Public Health.

Effectiveness of Behavioural and Medical Interventions in Treating Obesity

Iran’s National Program for controlling non-communicable diseases is one of the worlds leading programs Ministry of Health and Medical Education has put the program for preventing NCDs at the top of its agenda and extensive intra-collaboration have been achieved and a series of treaties are signed with 12 other ministries.

Second Summer School on Field Epidemiology Report, September, 2017

Second summer school on field epidemiology with collaboration of three German institutions, DAAD institution, and Pasteur Institute of Iran (PII). was held from 19th August to 7th September in the School of Public Health, then it was continued in Hamedan Province till 13th September.

School of Public Health and School of Traditional Medicine jointly held the specialized meeting on traditional and comprehensive medicine

The meeting was held on May 29, 2017. Dr. Fernando Salgado from University of Santiago de Cappadocia, Spain, and some faculty members of the School of the Public Health (SPH) and School of Traditional Medicine (STM) gave address.

Gaining 3rd Place in the 18th National Medical Education Congress by the IRAN International Public Health Summer School (IPHS)

Dr. Amirhossein Takian, head of the department of global health and public policy, and deputy dean for international affairs, stated that the school of public health has ever aimed to present the highest quality educational services and propagate innovative and effective research programs, in line with national and international needs, and in line with the sustainable development goals. He stated that the IRAN International Public Health Summer School, after being selected as the best educational process at the university level, went on to gain third place in the field of Learning and Teaching Methods.

TUMS Chancellor and Dean Deputy for International Affairs of SPH in the Meeting of M8 Alliance Board of Directories and Regional Conference of World Health Assembly in Canada

Dr. Ali Jafarian, the chancellor, and Dr. Amirhossein Takian, head of global health department and head of M8 alliance secretariat, were attended at M8 Alliance board of directors meeting and regional scientific conference of World Health Assembly (WHA) at Montreal, Canada by invitation of WHA head during 7 & 9 May, 2017.