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Monday 5/8/2017 Medical Entomology and Vector Control
Monday 4/4/2016 Medical Entomology and Vector Control

Welcome Message of the Head of Department


Welcome to Department of Medical Entomology and Vector Control, School of Public Health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Our department as one of the oldest and greatest academic departments in Iran has been recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in research and teaching.

We organize our research in following research focus areas: Leishmaniasis, Malaria, Dengue, CCHF & other Arboviruses, Toxicology & Chemistry of Pesticides, Biopesticides, Vector Control, Arthropods & Rodents of Medical Importance and Molecular Entomology.

The Department is composed of over 18 full time teaching and research faculty. Our staffs are very active researchers, publishing widely in international journals, presenting many papers at conferences and producing many other research outputs of a high international standard. Staffs regularly travel abroad for research visits and/or to present papers at international conferences. Through our research and teaching we have built up a wide international network of collaborators. My colleagues serve on the editorial boards of many journals and are active in the management structures of a number of local and international scholarly organizations.

The curriculum of this department is addressed to students who wish to be distinguished as senior scholar and top executives in the private and public sector, while the graduates play an important role in public health.

The department has MSc and PhD programs and we offer a wide variety of research projects. A typical Masters project will take 2 years to complete and a PhD project will take 4 years to complete on average. The Department is privileged to host national and international students.

If you would like information about admission, potential funding and general questions about postgraduate life, please contact me at If you are interested in a particular research area, please feel free to contact the academic working in that area.

Mehdi Sedaghat

Head of Department

Sunday 5/26/2013