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Medical Entomology and Vector Control

Field of Study:

I.                   Vector Biology and Control

II.                Forensic Entomology



  School of Public Health

  Department of Medical Entomology & Vector Control

  Duration: 4 years

  Capacity: 6 participants


  Upon completion, participants should be able to:

·         Identify vector-borne disease problems in relation to the general health situation.

·         Plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate vector control programmes based on integrated vector management (IVM) approaches in accordance with the prevailing epidemiological, social, geographical and economic conditions.

·         To be familiar with research in the field of vector biology and control

  This will be achieved through acquisition of a matrix of skills acquired from seven modules including:

·         Knowledge of the major vectors and vector-borne diseases of relevance to the region; S

·         Skills to conduct entomological surveillance and operational research;

·         Knowledge on the principles of epidemiological investigations of vector-borne diseases;

·         Skills in disease control programme management;

·         Skills to develop vector control strategies based on the principles of IVM;

·         Skills to facilitate and train others, and effectively document and disseminate information on entomology and vector control.