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Monday 5/8/2017 Medical Entomology and Vector Control
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4/29/2017Department of Medical Entomology and Vector Control
New nano-formulation patent in Department of Medical Entomology

First slow-release herbal nanoformulation patented as a green larvicides with number 91547 in the center of intellectual property of Iran.

Malaria is one of the infection disease that transmitted by mosquitos. According to WHO reports 500000 death caused by malaria just in 2015. However by using long lasting insecticides or synthetic larvicides decreased its prevalence. Resistance of mosquitoes to synthetic insecticides and also environment pollution are growing concerns. In recent years, many efforts have been made to find suitable botanical alternative for synthetic larvicides in the department of Medical Entomology and Vector Control, TUMS. Larvicidal activities of many essential oils were evaluated while their major defects were volatile.

In this research by capsulizing essential oil in chitosan nanoparticles (168 ± 4 nm), prepared slow release system. Thus volatility of essential oil controlled and for the first time larvicidal activity of the essential oil remained up to 10 days, comparable with synthetic larvicides. This slow-release botanical nano-formulation as the first green larvicides patented in center of intellectual property of Iran (No: 91547).

This achievement is part of PhD thesis of Mr Mahmoud Osanloo, PhD candidate in medical nanotechnology, TUMS. The supervisors of this thesis are Dr Amir Amani, Head of Department of Medical Nanotechnology and Dr Mohammad Mehdi Sedaghat, Head of Department of Medical Entomology, TUMS. The advisor of this research project is Professor Hassan Sereshti, Head of Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Tehran. All larvicidal bioassay tests were performed in insectariums of Department of Medical Entomology in School of Public Health, TUMS.



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