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Monday 4/4/2016 Medical Virology

Sunday 5/26/2013

Medical Virology

Introduction: Virology is a rapidly advancing field ranging from fundamental basic research, translational research, clinical, and diagnostic research. As infectious diseases continue to be a significant health threat around the globe including our society addressing infectious diseases is a priority for the virology department of School of Public Health -Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

From the very beginning of the establishment of the School of Public Health in 1966, this department was considered as one of the sections of Pathobiology Department in research and education and changed its name to Virology Department in 2012. This department is one of the most influential sections of the School of Public Health. Among professors who have worked in this Department within the past 50 years, many of them have had significant impacts on the school, the university and education of Iran. These professors have trained lots of capable and expert graduates who are active in research institution and academic centers. This department has had over 200 graduate student is M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs during this term. Having four national laboratories including influenza, polio, measles and rubella are among the strengths of this department. These laboratories are among the best laboratories in the Eastern Meditations and are an honor to the School of Public Health at Tehran University of Medical Sciences as well as to our country at large.


Mission: Promoting and developing the department of virology in all aspects as one of the most prominent national and regional bases in education, research and services.


Vision: Developing this department to become a center of virology education and research in Iran and being prepared to control and manage medically important and new viral diseases that would seriously threaten public health.

Professor Rakhshandeh Nategh

Celebrating Professor Rakhshandeh Nategh, Professor of Professional Education, School of Public Health – Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Department Staff

Faculty members, lab staff, and students of Virology department, School of Public health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences