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Medical Virology

Head of Department

Dr. Jila Yavarian

Position: Head of Virology Department  & Associate Professor

Tell: +982142933103

Fax: +982188962343

Email: yavarian@sina.tums.ac.ir


PhD: Medical Virology; Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Iran; 2003- 2009

MD: Medicine; Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Iran; 1994-2001


  • Multiplex detection of human respiratory viruses
  • Influenza virus isolation (type and subtype identification): Cell culture and Egg inoculation
  • Influenza virus: Epidemiology, Molecular, Genetic and Phylogenetic analysis, Antiviral resistance, Reverse genetics and Sequencing
  • Identification of the viruses which may cause mental disorders: Borna viruses and Herpes viruses specially HHV-6


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