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Medical Virology

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Professor Rakhshandeh Nategh
Celebrating Professor Rakhshandeh Nategh, Professor of Professional Education, School of Public Health – Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Professor Rakhshandeh Nategh, Professor of Professional Seniority at the University, was honored at the magnificent ceremony of training on professional commitment in medical sciences. In the program of introducing the candidates for professional commitment of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, five leading professors of Tehran University of Medical Sciences were recognized as a model of professional commitment to education. Among these candidates, professor Rakhshandeh Nategh has been successful in his research work as a pioneer in basic sciences education and a professor at School of Public Health, Virology Department.

She was born in Tabriz in 1315 and returned to his homeland after graduating from medical school at the Geneva Medical School and after returning to the School of Public Health.

Dr. Rakhshandeh Nategh, an active scholar in the field of virology, spent more than three decades of her professional life on polio virus, measles, and rubella infections. She has played a significant role in polio eradication programme in Iran.