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Monday 4/4/2016 Occupational Health Engineering

Monday 11/24/2014


General courses

Gen -01: Industrial hygiene

Gen -02: Identification and assessment of health risks

Gen-03: Identification and control of chemical pollutants in the workplace

Gen -04: Physical work-related risk factors

Gen -05: Occupational diseases and complications in the industry

Gen -06: Basic first aid

Gen -07: Principles of personal hygiene

Gen -08: Principles of Food Hygiene

Gen -09: Safety in the workplace

Gen -10: Safety and industrial hygiene

Gen -11: Introduction to performance evaluation indexes in HSE

Gen -12: Public safety and firefighting

Gen -13: Risk assessment techniques.

Gen -14: Management, Safety and environment systems (HSE-MS)

15-Gen: Occupational health and safety administration system (OHSAS)

Gen -17: Driver’s health and safety

Gen -18: Hospital staff’s health and safety



Chemical agents

Ch-01: Developing a strategy for evaluation of chemical agents at workplace

Ch-02: Methods for measuring chemical contaminants in the workplace (preliminary)

Ch-03: Methods for measuring chemical contaminants in the workplace (Advanced)

Ch-04: Sampling and analysis of chemical agents in the workplace

Ch-05: Health risk assessment methods for chemical contaminants in the workplace

Ch-06: Methods of measuring biological harmful agents in the workplace

Ch-07: Industrial Toxicology

Ch-08: Principles of design of ventilation systems (preliminary)

Ch-09: Designing industrial conditioning systems using Software (Advanced)

Ch-10: Evaluating the performance of industrial ventilation systems

Ch-11: Air conditioners, a health perspective

Ch-12: Developing systems to control particle pollution in the industry

Ch-13: Developing systems to control gas-vapor pollutants emission in the industry

Ch-14: Evaluation of indoor air quality of administrative and commercial building

Ch-15: Using Biotechnology in controlling environmental pollutants

Ch-16: Asbestos’s hazards and how to control them

Physical agents

Ph-01: The standard methods of assessment and controlling noise and vibration in the workplace

Ph-02: Principles of sound pollution in the workplace

Ph-03: controlling sound and vibration in the industry

Ph-04: Assessment and monitoring of vibration in the workplace

Ph-05: Standard methods for measuring brightness and luminosity

Ph-06: Brightness of lighting designs

Ph-07: Evaluation of non-ionizing radiation control in the workplace

Ph-08: Evaluation of non-ionizing radiation control in the workplace

Ph-09: Standard methods to evaluate and control workplace conditions


Ergonomics courses

Erg-01: General ergonomics

Erg-02: Advanced ergonomic

Erg-03: Ergonomics methods, posture analysis using software

Erg-04: Application of ergonomic principles in the design of workstations

Erg-05: Macro ergonomics

Erg-06: Methods of preventing musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

Erg-07: Office Ergonomics

Erg-08: Manual handling of goods and methods of preventing its side effects on employees



Saf-01: Understanding the Risks of H2S gas

Saf-02: Health and Safety in the laboratory

Saf-03: Review and analysis of events

Saf-04: Interpretation of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Saf-05: Certificates or business licenses in the industry

Saf-06: Human errors

Saf-07: Principles of Fire

Saf-08: Respiratory protection programs and determining the cartridge's lifespan

Saf-09: Safety work at height

Saf-10: Safety Work at confined spaces

Saf-11: Chemical Safety

Saf-12: Electrical safety

Saf-13: Safety of machinery

Saf-14: Personal protective equipment

Saf-15: Safety excavation

Saf-16: Methods of evaluating safety risk in workplace