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Monday 4/4/2016 Occupational Health Engineering

Tuesday 5/31/2016

Ergonomic Agents:

Ergonomic laboratory

Ergonomic Factor’s Laboratory (EFL) has been established to provide educational services, doing practical courses, facilitation of student’s thesis, and also serving to public. EFL is one of the most active ergonomic laboratories in the country, in areas such as environmental ergonomic, workplace physiology, anthropometry, ergonomics, physical, and cognitive ergonomics. EFL’s equipment include routine measurement equipment, and measurement equipment that are designed and built by the ergonomics department are as follow:

1.     Ergometer bicycle (number 1)

2.     Treadmill (number 1)

3.     Devise that shows the heart rate (number 1)

4.     Devise for recording bio signals (EMG and EEG) (number 2)

5.      Anthropometric measuring equipment, including: anthropometry cab, different types of caliper, goniometer, skin calipers, in-depth caliper of chest, adjustable ergonomic chair, ruler (figure 3)

6.     job skills tests

7.     Series of software, including flight simulator, Stroop test (both Persian and English versions), short and long-term memory test, pressure test time, reaction time test, grind test, multiply jobs test, calculation and decision-making test

8.     Hand and foot coordination test, Minnesota test (battery test) (figure 4)

9.     Clutch counter devise (figure 5)

10.                        Smart cover (figure 6)

11.                        Motion capture devise

12.            Light meter, vibration meter, sound level meter