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Monday 4/4/2016 Occupational Health Engineering

Wednesday 6/1/2016

Indusrtial Services and Capabilities:

This department with 50 years of experiences in the research in safety development fields and occupational health of the country and also with having skilled faculty members and experts in all fields of safety and occupational health is working to maintain and promote the workforce health at national level and to expand the borders of occupational health knowledge at regional and international levels by doing educational, research and service activities. This list has been developed to help achieving operational and applied goals of Occupational Health Engineering Program, so that graduates can have an appropriate communication with professionals who are working in the areas of safety and public health.

List of technical projects –engineering and research

Chemical harmful factors

Ch-01-02: sampling and analysis of air pollutants (gases, aerosols, bio aerosols)

Ch-01-02: design, calculation and execution of ventilation systems

Ch-01-03: evaluation of Industrial conditioning systems based on standard ACGIH

Ch-01-04: clean rooms assessment in accordance with the ISO standards

Ch-01-05: Designing of refiner particles (cyclones, scrubbers, bag cravings, bio filter, electro, etc.)

Ch-01-06: Assessment of refiner particles (cyclones, scrubbers, bio filter, Bag House, Electro, etc.)

Ch-01-07: Designing gas and steam cleaners (absorbent surface and depth, catalyst and adsorbent ...)

Ch-01-08: Assessment of gas and steam cleaners

Ch-01-09: Health risk assessment of chemicals in the workplace

Ch-01-10: Asbestos fibers pollution monitoring (Reference Laboratory)

Ch-01-11: Monitoring biological and chemical contaminants biomarkers that are specific to industry needs

Ch-01-12: Assessment of indoor air quality (IAQ) of commercial and industrial buildings

Ch-01-13: evaluating the performance of air conditioners

Ch-01-14: Risk assessment of bio aerosols in the workplace

Ch-01-15: Developing industrial health and safety training package

Ch-01-16: Providing occupational health guidelines in order to protect against chemicals

Ch-01-17: Standards related to chemical contaminants

Ch-01-18: Designing and manufacturing welding fume hoods in order to control the vibrations in industries



Erg-01-01 Design a work shift change system

Erg-01-02: Developing an electronic anthropometric database

Erg-01-03: Assessment of ergonomic risk factors



Saf-01-01: Industrial safety risk assessment

Saf-01-02: Developing health and safety indicators

Saf-01-03: safety audit