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Monday 4/4/2016 Occupational Health Engineering

Wednesday 6/1/2016

Research Activities:

Chemical Agents

          Sampling and analysis of chemical factors (Pesticides) and biological (bio aerosols)

     Assessment of chemical contaminants health risk

     Assessment of Industrial conditioning systems

          Monitoring pollution with Asbestos fibers

     Assessment of indoor air quality

         Evaluation of heat and cold stresses of working environment

    Evaluation of Health Risk of chemical combinations (air pollution)

    Assessment of occupational exposure to carcinogenic compounds

        Designing air filtration systems

                      Controlling the quality of Air filters

                        Assessment of clean rooms

                         Assessment of modal job with nanoparticles

                         Assessment of respiratory masks

                        Development of national standards on toxicology



Physical Agents

    Noise and vibrations (effects, developing the method and control)



- Evaluation of heat and cold stresses in the workplace, both indoor and outdoor

- Insulation

- Thermal comfort

- Evaluation of protective equipment for hot environments

- Occupational diseases attributed to heat

- Initiatives to reduce and control exposure to heat stress

- Developing national standards in above mentioned areas


Ergonomic Agents


Chemical Process Safety

Developing safety indicators for oil and gas industry

Safety risk assessment using fuzzy inference system

Safety risk assessment and prioritization of risks by using AHP

Quantitative risk assessment in various industrial processes

Assessment of safety climate using fuzzy method

Analysis of occupational accidents

Analysis of needle stick injuries in hospitals

Investigate road accidents using fuzzy inference method