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Monday 4/4/2016 Medical Parasitology and Mycology

Wednesday 1/9/2019 Medical Helmintology
Laboratory of Helminthology and Helminthic Diseases
(Taxonomy, Diagnostic Laboratory of Strongyloides stercolaris and other intestinal helminthes)
Professor & Staff
-Head: Dr. Eshrat Beigom Kia; PhD Medical Parasitology (Professor)
-Supervisor: Dr. Farzaneh Zahabiun (PhD Medical Parasitology)
-Sara Haji khani (MSc Medical Microbiology)
Laboratory phone number: +982142933135
Laboratory responsibilities
Details Activities
Target groups: International and national students at different degrees including PhD and MSc of Medical Parasitology, MD, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Food Microbiology, Nursing, Midwifery.
-Teaching theoretical and practical medical helminthology to the different target groups.
-Teaching different methods and techniques of diagnostic helminthology.
-Detection, isolation and processing of helminthic parasites for identification and taxonomy.
-Preparation of microscopic slides and other educational materials.
-Performing research projects and student’s thesis projects on different aspects of helminthes including morphological & molecular taxonomy, molecular diagnosis (using PCR, nested PCR, HRM …) and microanatomy of helminthes.
-Cultivation of some helminthes for laboratory diagnosis and drug’s efficacy assessment tests.
-Production and evaluation of antigens for immunological diagnosis of human helminthic infections using ELISA, western blotting, etc.
-Performing various laboratory examinations on biological samples for clinical and differential diagnosis of infection with human helminthic infections, especially Strongyloides stercoralis.
-Clinical advice, training and workshops related to above-mentioned activities for different medical and health expertise and practitioners. 

Helminthology Lab
(Histopathology and diagnostic Microanatomy)
Professor & Staff
-Head: Dr. Gholamreza Mowlavi, PhD Medical Parasitology (Professor)
-Dr. Iraj Mobedi, PhD Medical Parasitology (Professor)
-Dr. Faezeh Najafi (PhD Medical Parasitology)
-Zahra Gholami (BSc laboratory science)
-Laboratory phone number : +982142933091
Laboratory responsibilities
Details Activities
-Teaching Medical helminthology for the students of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry.
-Teaching taxonomy, histopathology and microanatomy for the post graduate students.
-Experimental helminthic infections in laboratory animals
-Diagnosis of unusual helminth infections
-Diagnosis of urinary schistosomiasis
-Diagnosis of intestinal helminthic infections
-Consultation upon the parasitic cases received from different medical centers
-Diagnosis of myiasis, demodicosis and scabies

Helminthology Lab
(Serological Laboratory of helminthic infection and national laboratory of fascioliasis)
Professor & Staff
-Head: Dr. Mohammad Bagher Rokni, PhD Medical Parasitology (Professor)
-Mojgan Aryaiepour (MSc Medical Parasitology)
- laboratory phone number: +982142933123
Laboratory responsibilities
-Teaching medical helminthology for the students of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, PhD and MSc of Medical Parasitology, Food Microbiology.
-Antigen preparation for diagnosis of fascioliasis and cystic echinococcosis.
-Performing ElISA, SDS-PAGE and Western blot.

-Performing diagnostic services to suspected patients of fascioliasis and cystic echinococcosis referred to this laboratory.

Wednesday 1/9/2019 Medical Protozoology
Leishmaniasis Laboratory
Professor & Staff
-Head: Dr. Mehdi Mohebali (supervisor); PhD Medical parasitology (Professor)
-Dr. Homa Hajjaran, PhD Medical parasitology (Professor)
-Dr. Behnaz Akhoundi, PhD Medical parasitology (Assistant Professor)
-Dr. Samira Elikaee, PhD Medical parasitology (Assistant Researcher)
-Mr. Zabihollah Zarei (MSC Parasitology)
-Ms. Zahra Kakooe (MSC Medical Parasitology)
Phone number the laboratory: +98214293308)
Laboratory responsibilities
Details Activities
-Educational activities for PhD and MSc graduate students
-Educational activities for undergraduate students (Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Midwifery)
-Parasitology, Immunology, Epidemiology, Genomics and Proteomics of Leishmania spp. parasites.
-Experimental therapies and drug develompent
-Diagnosis services for cutaneous leishmaniasis (microscopy, culture and molecular)
-Diagnosis services for visceral leishmaniasis (microscopy and culture), serological diagnosis (DAT, ELISA and rK39 Dipstick)
-Molecular detection of Leishmania spp. Parasites isolated from human, animal reservoirs and vectors
-Cryopreservation of Leishmania spp. Parasites
-Preservation of L. major and L .infantum parasites on susceptible animal models

Protozoology Lab (National Malaria Laboratory)
Professor & Staff
-Head: Dr. Mehdi Nateghpour, PhD Medical parasitology (professor)
-Dr. Afsaneh Motevallli Haghi, PhD Medical Parasitology (Assistant Professor)
-Leyla Frivar (MSc Medical Parasitology)
-Zahra Sayyad Talaee (Expert)
-Fatemeh Asgari (Expert)
-Phone number the laboratory: +982142933061
Laboratory responsibilities
Details Activities
-Based on the curriculum for the department of Medical Parasitology and Mycology provided and course syllabus for PhD and MSc student in medical parasitology and medical students, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Midwifery. The following items are conducted;
-Teaching foreign students
-Focal Point of Training Malaria subjects.
-Holding malaria microscopy diagnostic workshops

-Implementing advanced research projects on malaria parasites  for Ph.D and MSc. Theses
-Development and implementation of research projects for malaria elimination programs in Iran.
-Collaboration with other research centers inside and outside of Iran.
-Stablishing continues culture of Plasmodium falciparum and working on Plasmodium berghei
-Maintenance and cultivation of Plasmodium strains in vivo and in vitro conditions
-Monitoring drug resistance in Plasmodia parasites in malaria endemic areas of Iran.

-Laboratory diagnosis of Plasmodia species using microscopic method
-Perform advanced molecular diagnostic procedures in suspected cases
-Laboratory diagnosis of other blood parasites


Protozoology Lab (Toxoplasma and serology -IFA)
Professor & Staff
-Head: Dr. Hossein Keshavarz, PhD Medical parasitology (Professor)
Dr Saeedeh Shojaee, PhD Medical Parasitology (Professor)
-Mahboobeh Salimi (MSc Medical Parasitology)
laboratory phone number: +982142933060
Laboratory responsibilities
Details Activities
- Based on the curriculum for the department of Medical Parasitology and Mycology provided and course syllabus on Toxoplasma and other coccidian parasites for PhD and MSc student in medical parasitology and medical students, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Midwifery. Educational
- Implementing advanced research projects on Toxoplasma parasite for PhD and MSc theses.
- Collaboration with other research centers inside and outside of Iran.
- Maintenance and cultivation of Toxoplasma gondii strains (RH and Tehran) in vivo and in                              vitro conditions.

- Laboratory diagnosis of Toxoplasma using serology methods.
- Perform advanced molecular diagnostic procedures.
- Perform advanced immunological procedures (SDS PAGE and Immunoblotting).

Sunday 5/26/2013

Medical Parasitology and Mycology

Introduction: This is one of the oldest departments among the scientific departments in the Schoolof Public Health which was establish in 1940, 6 years after the establishment of Tehran University, as the “Parasitology and Investigation Chair”. At that time this department continued to function as “Institute of Parasitology and Malariology” and “Institute of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine” and finally became the basis for the foundation of “Institute of Medical Research” in 1965. Ultimately, when the statute of establishment of the School of Public Health was adopted in 1966, this department became one of the most important departments of the school. Since then it has been the “Parasitology and Mycology Department”. Currently this department includes three sub-departments: protozoology, helminthology, and mycology and has 19 academic staff. Also, four of the retired professors still continued to maintain cooperation with the department. Up to now this department has conducted over 500 national and international research projects and has published about 1000 articles in Persian and other foreign languages. The department is considered as a reference in the fields of parasitic and mycological infections throughout Iran.

Mission: Parasitology and Mycology Department has four main objectives: education, research, diagnosis, and addressing issues related to parasitic and mycological diseases in Iran.

Vision: Expanding the boundaries of parasitic and mycological knowledge in medicine in order to control and prevent diseases arising from these issues

“Human shistosomiasis in Ethiopia”

Student seminar, Presenter: Younas Yimam, PhD. International student in Medical Parasitology Supervisor: Prof.A.Farahnak

Schedule of Journal Club

Schedule of Journal Club Students in the Department of Medical Mycology For enthusiasts The program will be announced 11-12 AM The dates mentioned in class 104

Francan Felix OUMA defense session

Student defense session entitled “ A survey on asymptomatic malaria infections among inhabitants from southeastern Iran using microscopy and High Resolution Melting (HRM) molecular technique” was held .

Research project

Daniel Getacher Feleki an international MSc student from Ethiopia with his supervisor Prof. Nateghpour preparing a sample from a malaria suspected patient.