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Medical Parasitology and Mycology

Medical Helmintology
Laboratory of Helminthology and Helminthic Diseases
(Taxonomy, Diagnostic Laboratory of Strongyloides stercolaris and other intestinal helminthes)
Professor & Staff
-Head: Dr. Eshrat Beigom Kia; PhD Medical Parasitology (Professor)
-Supervisor: Dr. Farzaneh Zahabiun (PhD Medical Parasitology)
-Sara Haji khani (MSc Medical Microbiology)
Laboratory phone number: +982142933135
Laboratory responsibilities
Details Activities
Target groups: International and national students at different degrees including PhD and MSc of Medical Parasitology, MD, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Food Microbiology, Nursing, Midwifery.
-Teaching theoretical and practical medical helminthology to the different target groups.
-Teaching different methods and techniques of diagnostic helminthology.
-Detection, isolation and processing of helminthic parasites for identification and taxonomy.
-Preparation of microscopic slides and other educational materials.
-Performing research projects and student’s thesis projects on different aspects of helminthes including morphological & molecular taxonomy, molecular diagnosis (using PCR, nested PCR, HRM …) and microanatomy of helminthes.
-Cultivation of some helminthes for laboratory diagnosis and drug’s efficacy assessment tests.
-Production and evaluation of antigens for immunological diagnosis of human helminthic infections using ELISA, western blotting, etc.
-Performing various laboratory examinations on biological samples for clinical and differential diagnosis of infection with human helminthic infections, especially Strongyloides stercoralis.
-Clinical advice, training and workshops related to above-mentioned activities for different medical and health expertise and practitioners. 

Helminthology Lab
(Histopathology and diagnostic Microanatomy)
Professor & Staff
-Head: Dr. Gholamreza Mowlavi, PhD Medical Parasitology (Professor)
-Dr. Iraj Mobedi, PhD Medical Parasitology (Professor)
-Dr. Faezeh Najafi (PhD Medical Parasitology)
-Zahra Gholami (BSc laboratory science)
-Laboratory phone number : +982142933091
Laboratory responsibilities
Details Activities
-Teaching Medical helminthology for the students of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry.
-Teaching taxonomy, histopathology and microanatomy for the post graduate students.
-Experimental helminthic infections in laboratory animals
-Diagnosis of unusual helminth infections
-Diagnosis of urinary schistosomiasis
-Diagnosis of intestinal helminthic infections
-Consultation upon the parasitic cases received from different medical centers
-Diagnosis of myiasis, demodicosis and scabies

Helminthology Lab
(Serological Laboratory of helminthic infection and national laboratory of fascioliasis)
Professor & Staff
-Head: Dr. Mohammad Bagher Rokni, PhD Medical Parasitology (Professor)
-Mojgan Aryaiepour (MSc Medical Parasitology)
- laboratory phone number: +982142933123
Laboratory responsibilities
-Teaching medical helminthology for the students of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, PhD and MSc of Medical Parasitology, Food Microbiology.
-Antigen preparation for diagnosis of fascioliasis and cystic echinococcosis.
-Performing ElISA, SDS-PAGE and Western blot.

-Performing diagnostic services to suspected patients of fascioliasis and cystic echinococcosis referred to this laboratory.


Research Field: 

 Nearly 90% of researches in related to Medical Parasitology and Mycology have been conducted in one way or another within this department. All endemic and non-endemic parasitic and fungal diseases have been surveyed through this long period of activity. In addition to collaboration with all departments in Iran, many students have had joint projects with foreigner countries. Basically a part of thesis is conducted within overseas countries as a period of PhD course. About 2200 English papers, 1900 Persian papers and 30 books have been release by the members of the department. This data embraces only the parasitic diseases which have not included the mycological papers. Nearly all important parasites and fungal agents have been surveyed in terms of diagnosis, genotype, treatment, epidemiology, etc


Protozoology Laboratory

(Intestinal and genital protozoa, free-living amoeba)


Heading: Mostafa Rezaeian (Professor, PhD of Medical Parasitology)


Elham Kazemirad (Assistant Professor, PhD of Medical Parasitology)

Fateme Tarighi (BSc of Biology)

Sima Bajelvand (BSc of Medical Laboratory)


Protozoology Lab (Leishmania and Leishmaniasis)


Head: Prof. Mehdi Mohebali (DVM, MPH, PhD of medical mycology and Parasitology)


Prof. Homa Hajjaran. PhD of Medical Parasitology

Dr. Behnaz Akhoundi PhD of Medical Parasitology

Dr. Samira Elikaee. PhD of Medical Parasitology

Mr. Zabihollah Zareii. MsC of Veterinay Parasitology

Miss Zahra Kakoee. MSc of Medical Parasitology


Protozoology Lab (Malaria National Laboratory)


Head: Prof. M. Nateghpour. PhD in Medical Parasitology


Dr. A. Motevalli Haghi. PhD in Medical Parasitology

Mrs. L. Farivar MSc in medical Parasitology


Protozoology Lab (Toxoplasma and Serology)


Head: Prof. Hossein Kesahvarz Valiyan (PhD of Medical Parasitology)


Dr. S. Shojaee (PhD of Medical Parasitology)

Miss M. Salimi (MsC of Medical Parasitology)


Laboratory of Helminthology and Helminthic Diseases

(Taxonomy of Helminthes, Diagnostic Laboratory of Strongyloidiasis)


Professors and Technical Collengues:

Head of the lab:

Dr. Eshrat Beigom Kia (Professor of Medical Parasitology PhD)

Dr. Farzaneh Zahabiun (Medical Parasitologist, PhD)

Mr. AbbasAli Mirzakhanloo (MSc)

Mrs. Sara Haji Khani (MSc)

Mrs. Ashraf Ajd Roontan (Lab. Colleugre)


Laboratory of Serological Diagnosis of Melminthic disease (Fasciolosiss Hydatidosis)


Head: Prof. M. B. Rokni (PhD of Medical Parasitology


Mrs. M. Aryaiepour (MsC. In Medical Parasitology)


Helminthology Lab (Histopathology and Microanatomy)


Head: Prof. Gholamreza Molavi PhD in medical parasitology


Prof. Iraj mobedi PhD in medical parasitology

Dr. Faezeh Najafi PhD in Medical parasitology

Mrs. Zahra Gholami BS in laboratory Science

Mrs. Niloofar Paknezhad Msc in Medical Parasitology


Laboratory of Molecular Helmintholog, Helminthic diseases and Medical Malacology

(Biochemistry of worms, diagnosis of earcarial dermatidis and snail transinitted parasites)


Professors and Technical Staff of lab:

Head of Lab:

 Dr. Farahnak Ali (Medical paresitologist and Fellowship in parasites biochemistry)

Laborator Staff:

Molaei rad Mohammad Bagher (Biochemist)


Laboratory of Medical Mycology

Superficial, Cutaneous, Subcutaneous and Systemic Mycosis


Lab Director:

Dr. Seyed Jamal Hashemi, Professor of Med. Mycology


Dr. Roshanak Daie Ghazvini, Associate Professor

Dr. Ensieh Zibafar, PhD in Med. Mycology (Researcher)

Mr. Mohsen Gerami Shoar, MSc ind Med. Mycology (Resercher and Supervisor)

Mrs. Leila HosseinPour, MSc in Biology

Miss Zeinab Borjian, BS in Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Heidar Bakhsi, PhD in Med. Mycology

Mis Zahra Kamali, MSc in Med Mycology


Laboratory of Serological Diagnosis of Mycotic infection


Laboratory and Technical Staff:

Head of laboratory: Dr. Roshanak Daie, PhD of mycology (Assouate Professor)

Pegah Ardi, Bachelor of Science in Laboratory (laboratory expert)