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Medical Parasitology and Mycology

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“Human shistosomiasis in Ethiopia”
Student seminar, Presenter: Younas Yimam, PhD. International student in Medical Parasitology Supervisor: Prof.A.Farahnak

Shistosomiasis is a parasitic disease caused by Shistosoma parasite. Shistosomiasis is a tropical disease in the world, being a major source of mobidity and mortality in developing countries in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, the middle East, and Asia. More than 207 millon people, 85% of who live in Africa, are infected with Shistosomiasis, and an estimated 700 million people are at risk of infection in 76 countries where the diseas is considered endemic, as their agricultural work, domestic chores, and recreational activities expose them to infested water. Globally, 200,000 deaths are attributed to Shistosomiasis annually.

Mr. Younas Yimamm, PhD., international Student in Medical Parasitoloy, presented a report on “Human Shistosomiasis in Ethiopia” in parasitology and Mycology Department, on Tuesday, 19 Jun 2018. He reviewed on all aspects of disease, including, etiology, epidemiology, intermediate host, diagnosis, treatment and the control of disease in Ethiopia. The Iranian Ph.D. student also attended in this meeting.


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