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Our Academic Members


Faculty Members                


Head of Department

Mohammad Reza Pourmand

Academic Degree: Professor

Education: PhD in Medical Microbiology. 

Research Interests:Gram positive cocci, specially research on MRSA & VRE and also Mycoplasma

     Contacts: Fax 889 549 13 


  Tel :02142933087



Faculty Members of Microbiology

Mohammad Reza Pourmand

Mohammad Mehdi Soltan Dalal

Msoumeh Douraghi

Ramin Mazaheri Nejhad Fard

Faculty Members of Immunology

Seyed Abbas Misrshafiey

Akbar Sabor Yaragi

Fazel Shokri

Seyed Alireza Razavi

Mehdi Amiri

Forugh Golsaz Shirazi