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Saturday 4/16/2016 School of Public Health

Wednesday 11/12/2014 Research Priorities

Members of School’s Research Council

Deputy for research: Prof. Simin Nasery

Secretary of research council: Mr. Esmael Shojaeezadeh

Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics: Prof. Kamran Yazdani

Department of Health Promotion & Education: Prof. Elham Shakiba

Department of Medical Parasitology & Mycology: Prof. Mehdi Mohebali

Department of Human Ecology: Prof. Reza Ahmadkhani

Department of Occupational Health Engineering: Prof. MohammaReza Monazam Esmaelpour

Department of Disaster & Emergency Health: Prof. Ali Ardalan

Department of Global Health & Public Policy:  Prof. Amirhosein Takian

Department of Pathobiology: Prof. Ali Akbar Saboryaragi

Department of Medical Entomology & Vector Control: Prof. Mohammaprof.eza Yagobiershadi

Department of Health Management & Economics: Prof. Sara Emamgolipour

Department of Environmental Health Engineering: Prof. Mahmoudali Mohammadi

Department of Virology: Prof. Jhila Yavaran


Representatives of the Dean of SPH in Research Council:

Prof. Mohammadreza Pourmand and Prof. Abbas Rahimi Foroshani

Department of Education Development:

·           educational assessment

Department of Biostatics and Epidemiology 

Department of Biostatics and Epidemiology has active participation in the research programs of the School of Public Health and the Institute of Public health Research, and in relation to this, has wide range cooperation’s with the other departments of the School of Public Health. In addition, it is active in the research programs of determining the health indices of population, family health and planning, malnutrition, prevention of prevalent diseases in the country such as Leishmaniasis, Malaria, Parasitic diseases and determination of various factors in gastrointestinal cancers in the northern part of the country. Also, presently it is active in carrying out a national health survey projects in studying health and diseases in Iran, together with the Vice Ministry of Research and Technology, Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.

Department of Entomology & Vector Control

The research projects of the department include conducting different studies on bionomic of malaria vectors and other Culicidae mosquitoes, epidemiology and control of leishmaniasis, effects of pesticides on vectors, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, genetic of insecticide resistance, myiasis, scorpionism, pediculosis, vector-parasite interaction, molecular entomology, pesticide bioassays, other medically important arthropods (fire ants, toxic spiders, etc), medically important rodents. The department has also joint research projects with national research centers and universities. International universities from France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Greece, India, Turkey, Chez, Slovakia, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, etc have had some jointed researches with this department.

Department of Health Economics and Management

·         Health Economics

·         Healthcare Evaluation

·         Healthcare services management

·         Health Policy

·         Pharmaco Economics

·         Hospital Management

·         Hospital Economics

·         Health Reforms

·         Quality Improvement

·         Insurance

·         Structure of Health services provider organizations in health systems

Department of Pathobiology


·         Research on  Immunology of Leukemias

·         Research Projects on Immunology and Evaluation of Hepatitis Vaccines

·         Research Projects on Immunogenetics

·         Research on Genetics of Immunoglobulins

·         Designing Vaccines in Tumor Immunology

·         Study of Molecular Processes in Digestive and Respiratory Tract Allergies

·         Numerous Research Projects on Correlation of HLA with Other Diseases

·         Immunopharmacology of Autoimmune Diseases in Experimental Templates

·         Designing Anti Inflammation and Immunosuppressive Drugs by Using Experimental Templates

·         Studying the impact of Biological Immunosuppressive Compounds on Autoimmune Disease Handling

·         Research on Immunology of Bacterial Infections

·         Molecular Study of Metalloproteinase Matrix and their role in Inflammatory Processes

·         Research on Apoptotic properties of Drugs

·         Study of Cytokines Profile in Different Disease


·         Investigation of Probiotics and their role in Human Health

·         Research Activities in Molecular Biology and Genetics of Bacteria

·         Research activities on MRSA and VRSA

·         Research on isolation of aerobic thread-shaped bacteria (Nocardia) from clinical samples and its natural ecological environment

·         Research on isolation of aerobic thread-shaped bacteria and micro aerophile (Actinomycetes) from clinical samples and Periodontal Abscesses

·         Research on anaerobic bacterial infection

·         Investigation of ureaplasma and mycoplasma infections

·         Investigation of food and water transferred diseases

·         Investigation of Intestinal Bacterial Infections

·         Investigation of prophylactic methods for Gastritis and Ulcer peptic caused by Helicobacter Pylori

Department of Parasitology and Mycology  

        Nearly 90% of researches in related to Medical Parasitology and Mycology have been conducted in one way or another within this department. All endemic and non-endemic parasitic and fungal diseases have been surveyed through this long period of activity. In addition to collaboration with all departments in Iran, many students have had joint projects with foreigner countries. Basically a part of thesis is conducted within overseas countries as a period of PhD course. About 2200 English papers, 1900 Persian papers and 30 books have been release by the members of the department. This data embraces only the parasitic diseases which have not included the mycological papers. Nearly all important parasites and fungal agents have been surveyed in terms of diagnosis, genotype, treatment, epidemiology, etc.

Department of Health Education 

·         Supervising and directing student thesis and dissertation in different degrees in Department and relevant subjects in another Departments

·         conducting research proposal in the specific Major and field in different research centers such as Research Vice Chancellor, WHO, UNFDPA

·         Book Publishing, editing and translating

·         Publishing Persian and English articles in valid database 

·         Attending and presenting articles in national and international congresses 

Department of Virology

Professor Talat Mokhtari-azad 'research interests

  My research has mostly focused on acute respiratory diseases, particularly influenza. Along with flu studies, our major national program of measles and rubella gives ample opportunities for exploring the dynamics of these viral infections. Basic research studies performed in our national lab are mostly in collaboration with clinical studies, and include epidemiological, molecular, cellular, and immunological approaches to answer questions of critical public health importance. For example, little is known about transmission of influenza and its interaction with host. Another challenge about this virus is that the reasons behind its seasonality remain unknown and it is unclear why some people get infected more severely than others?


Professor Rakhshandeh Nategh ' research interests

Delineating the factors involved in virus virulence and pathogenesis would be a major step towards improvement of our general knowledge and hopefully broadening the future horizons for better management and control of communicable viral infectious diseases.

  Although the dedicated works made by colleagues of National polio lab added Iran to the list of polio free countries, our mission is not yet accomplished! Alongside with an intense, and routine, surveillance for any suspected cases of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), research is underway to understand the reasons behind high AFP rate in spite of wild polio virus eradication in Iran. In this case non polio enteroviruses' are of high importance.

    Dr. Seyed Mohammad Jazayeri  ' research interests

·         HBV molecular epidemiology

·         HBV vaccine

·         HBV evolution especially genotype D

·         HBV immunovirology

·         HBV in Health care worker

    Dr. Katayoon Samimi Rad'   research interests

·         Molecular Epidemiology of HCV: RT-PCR and genotype determination of HCV by sequencing and reverse hybridization

·         Seroepidemiology of hepatitis C virus: ELISA and RIBA

·         HCV Vaccine

   Dr. Shohreh Shahmahmoodi' research interests

·         Isolation, identification and intratypic differentiation of polioviruses in Accute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) cases and sewage specimens

·         Seroepidemiology of polioviruses in Iran

·         Isolation and type identification of non-polio enteroviruses in AFP cases in Iran

·         Detection of other members of picornaviridae family such as cosavirus and parechovirus in AFP and gastroenteritis cases

·         Adenovirus in enteric cases


  Dr. Mehdi Norouzi  ' research interests

·         HIV/AIDS genotyping and epidemiology

·         Viral Hepatitis

·         Vaccines and Immunopathogenesis of HIV

·         Health Research Policy

·         Determining HIV Genotypes in Iran

·         Determining Rate of Transmitted HIV-1 Drug Resistance Mutations in Iran

      Dr. Jila Yavarian' research interests

·         Multiplex detection of human respiratory viruses

·         Influenza virus isolation (type and subtype identification): Cell culture and Egg inoculation

·         Influenza virus: Epidemiology, Molecular, Genetic and Phylogenetic analysis, Antiviral resistance, Reverse genetics and Sequencing

·         Identification of the viruses which may cause mental disorders: Borna viruses and Herpes viruses specially HHV-6


  Dr. Nazanin Zahra Shafiee 'research interests

·         Influenza virus Isolation, type and subtype identification, cel culture and egg inoculation

·         Molecular, Genetic and Phylogenetic analysis of influenza virus ’ s proteins and glycoproteins

·         Epidemiology of Influenza viruses (molecular and serological)

·         Influenza viruses ’ antiviral resistance

·         Rubella virus IgG avidity assay


  Dr. Sayed Mahdi Marashi 'research interests

  Despite all advances over the past years by which the management of many infectious diseases have significantly improved, questions still remain about the molecular and cellular interactions involved in pathogenesis of viruses such as HCMV and HIV in different settings particularly in immunocompromised host. For example, what ’ s the role of host genetics in susceptibility to viral infections, disease progression, and immune response? How will HCMV interact with immuno-suppressing settings such as transplantation? What ’ s the role of viral infections in the pathogenesis of chronic rejection? How dose immune system-pathogen interactions drive virus-specific immune responses? What ’ s the role of non-immunologic (viral or metabolic) factors in accelerating the immune-mediated damage? As an interest, delineating the immune and viral mechanisms as well as identifying surrogate biomarkers of disease stage, virologic, immunologic, and therapeutic response to predict long term outcomes in different settings would be a major priority.

  In addition, mounting evidence indicates that viral infections may be a major contributing or causative factor in the development of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Defining the mechanisms behind will be a major step in both clinical diagnosis and treatment of these debilitating conditions.


  Dr. Vahdi Salimi  ' research interests

·         Seroepidemiology, Isolation and genetic characterization of Measles virus

·         Respiratory Syncitial Virus (RSV) vaccine design

·         Respiratory viruses ’ immunopathogenesis in animal model

·         Opioid and opioid receptors interaction with respiratory viruses

·         Clinical, genetic and immunological determinants of RSV bronchiolitis

·         The oncolytic effect of RSV in cancer therapy


  Dr. Farhad Rezaei' research interests

Influenza virus Molecular epidemiology

Influenza Vaccine and Vaccination

Influenza virus pathogenicity

Virus-Like Particle and Nano-Vaccine Technology

Molecular epidemiology of Arboviruses

 Department of Occupational Health 

Safety Engineering and Risk Assessment

Ergonomics ( Macro and Micro Ergonomics, Human Error, Cognitive Ergonomics, Objective Evaluation),

Air Filtration, Thermal Environment

Asbestos, Silica, VOC s, Air Pollution, Nanotechnology in Air Purification, Industrial Lighting

Sound and Vibration, Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation, Control of Sound

Hazardous Physical Agents (Noise and Vibration) , Control in Industrial and Environmental , Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation, Control of Heat Stress

Industrial Toxicology, Nanotoxicology Industrial Ventilation