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Saturday 4/16/2016 School of Public Health

Tuesday 1/31/2017 Honors-Awards



Honor & Award


Dr Alireza Mesdaghinia

Dr Lee prize in 2016


       Dr Simin Naseri

Editor of best english language journal of Iran in the Razi festival in 2006

Prominent professor of TUMS in educational field in Avicenna Festival

Editor of a scientific journal with highest Impact Factor in Biomedical in Iran

Award of Top Educator of TUMS in the 16thfestical of Avicenna

Member of Science Academy of Islamic Republic of Iran

National award of environment in the 11thFestival of national award of environment

Delegate of Iranian scientific societies in the international conference on large waters pollution (Amazon river- the Brazil)- and Black sea

Selected paper about the Caspian Sea pollution in the international conference on “Science, Region and the Environment”


     Dr Amirhossein Mahvi

Patent registration in the United States Patent Trademark Office

Total elimination of cyanide compounds (free Cyanide and Cyanide complexes-iron) from industrial wastewater by electrochemical reactor

Top researcher (one percent) by published data of Thomson Reuters database (ISI) between all scientists around the world

Middle East secretary of Fluoride Journal