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Saturday 4/16/2016 School of Public Health

Tuesday 1/31/2017 Strategic Plan

Improving the quality of care

Program topics


Comprehensive plan to evaluate faculty members, exams and students

·   Developing evaluation instructions

·   Developing evaluation tools

·   Performing

·   Developing a feedback system to collect student’s ideas about classrooms

·   Parallel provision of some courses by different professors at separate semesters and giving students the right to choose

·   Following students with poor exam performance

Teaching assistant

·   Holding journal clubs

·   Holding advanced workshops in different fields

·   Accepting students who requested a research opportunity

·   Holding Seminars

·   Holding Tele-conferences with Iranian and Foreign professors

Continuous monitoring of department educational performance

·   Monitoring the thesis registration, comprehensive exam and graduation

·   Following-up students with long delay in their education

·   Following-up students with poor exam performance

·   Monitoring the exact implementation of educational calendar

Induction program

·   Holding tours for introducing different parts of the school for new students

·   Offering a package to new Master and PhD students

Planning for new courses


Developing new educational degrees, such as DrPH, and MPH, particularly MPH for international students

·      Need assessment to establish new educational degree



Mapping faculty members

·   Determining the number of required faculty members for each department

·   Recruiting new faculty members, where needed, who has been graduated from internal or abroad universities

·   Developing the instruction on recruiting faculty members

Using new educational technologies and Tele-education through virtual school

·   Establishing virtual office

·   Holding educational courses through MAD system

·   Continuous reporting on virtual activities

Re-design and up-dating SPH website

·   Introducing all educational fields and their curriculum

·   New tab on SPH’s website for students

Fee-paying students

·   Developing an instruction about how to provide educational services to Fee-paying students

Organizing educational services

Organizing the procedures for thesis defense of post-graduate students

·    How to propose ‘thesis jury’

·    How to notice pre-defense meetings

·    Determining the trend of pre-defense and defense

·    How to consider the comments of thesis jury

·    How to compensate the services of thesis jury

Organizing the distribution of subjects

·    Determining the capacity of professors

·    Distributing subjects based on the results of evaluation and student’s opinions

Revision and facilitation of educational procedures

·    Developing registration procedures, selecting subjects, scores, thesis registration

Developing a database from educational activities

·    Students database, based on departments

·    Faculty members teaching subjects’ database

·    Thesis database

·    Students of each faculty member database


Program topics


Annual evaluation of research groups and faculty members

·   Number of accepted research proposals in each department

·   Number of published manuscripts of faculty members in prestigious journals (high impact factor)

·   Number of citations

Improving research skills of students

·   Evaluating the research skills of students

·   Holding skill-based workshops

·   Establishing center on skill-based workshops

Supporting and improving the status of research journals

·   Evaluating current status of journals in terms of number of citations

·   Evaluating registration, assessment and publishing procedures in terms of satisfaction of different stakeholders

Supporting publishing high citation manuscripts

·   Identification of prestigious journals in different fields

·   Leveling IF of each category

·   Determining financial and non-financial rewards for publishing manuscripts in journals with high IF

Creating new research infrastructures


Strengthening laboratories and research stations

·  Developing strategic plan of stations in line with main goals of the school (with participation of local stakeholders)

·  Providing appropriate infrastructures in research stations and laboratories that are affiliated to SPH, and consultation services to promote health in order to meet health needs of covered populations of different geographical areas and providing appropriate frameworks for wellbeing of targeted areas.

·  Providing appropriate incentive system for participation of professor and students in activities of stations

Targeting research

Providing societal and hospital center services

·      Identification and follow-up of health problems of society, educational and treatment centers through defining research proposals and developing appropriate operational plans

·      Establishing population labs

·      Identification, supporting,, and facilitation of accepting innovative, applicable and need/problem based research proposals

·      Establishing consultation centers in needed fields

·      Organizing students Training and Internship

Broader view

Facilitating relationships with industry

·   Identification and announcing research priorities of research centers to related departments of SPH

·   Introducing capabilities and skills of SHP to related organizations and institutions

·   Holding Seminars or workshops in areas that are related to SPH activities

·   Signing contracts and memorandum of understanding with related centers (Social Security Organization, Petroleum organization, Ministry of Welfare and etc.)

·   Giving more value for faculty member promotion to industry related research proposals