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If you could not find the answer to your questions, please feel free to contact us through the "Your Comments" section below.


1. When to apply?


TUMS enjoys a rolling application system. Students are able to apply at any time. Our fall semester starts late September, and our spring semester starts late January.


2. How to apply?


You can apply by visiting our website and completing the online application form. The online application form can be accessed from the link below:

Online Application Form


3. What will happen after I submit my application?


In case you submit all the required documents, your application will be processed by two committees, and you will be informed of our decision in a period of 8-20 weeks. In case there are missing documents in your application, our colleagues will contact you and ask for the missing documents.

4. What are the requirements for admission?


You can find all admission requirements in the following webpages:

Undergraduate Requirements

Graduate Requirements


5. Who is eligible to apply?


With the exception of the following two groups, anyone who has at least finished high school and meets our admission requirements can apply to TUMS:

- Native Iranians: Individuals who possess an Iranian passport

- Iranians with Dual Citizenships: Iranians who possess dual citizenship, i.e. they have an Iranian passport as well as that of another country

Iranian applicants who possess an Iranian passport must take the Nation-Wide University Entrance Examination (known as Konkoor) and achieve the necessary ranking in order to be eligible for being admitted to TUMS.


6. How much is the tuition fee?


Tuition fee at TUMS varies between levels and certain majors. Follow the link below to find the tuition fee of your intended major and level:

Tuition Fees & Expenses

7. How and when should I pay tuition fee?


Students are required to pay the annual tuition fees in U.S. dollars, in cash, and at the time of registration.

8. Who should sign my Letters of Recommendation?


Letters of Recommendation should are highly significant documents in the application process, and you should invest in them as they can be quite influential in your admission.

Individuals who have a good deal of knowledge regarding your abilities, personality, achievements and potentials, and with whom you have had a high level of interaction during your previous academic or professional career, can be suitable for writing and signing your letters of recommendation. These individuals include previous professors and instructors, thesis/dissertation supervisors, dean of school/faculty etc.


9. Some of my documents are not ready. Should I wait until I get them to send my application?


In order to avoid wasting time, the TUMS Application System allows the applicants to fill out the application form to a certain level and, if need be, continue the application process at a later time. You can submit the documents that are currently ready and send the other required documents at a later time.





Decision of the Admission Committee



1. When will the final decision be announced?


It takes around 8-20 weeks for the admission committee to process your application and announce its decision.

2. Why has my application been denied?


TUMS accepts its students based on academic excellence and potential for academic and professional development. Therefore, factors such as relevance of your previous degree, previous academic records, professional capabilities etc. can be influential elements in the final decision regarding your application. The admission procedure is the responsibility of two committees. After your documents are evaluated and accepted in our first committee, the International Campus Preliminary Review Council, your application is presented in the International Students Admission Committee, and the final decision will be announced within one to four months.

I order to check the admission requirements at TUMS, please click on the link below:


Admission Requirements

3. I have applied for one major. Can I apply for another major?


You can send us a new Letter of Motivation requesting the change. There is no need to fill out the online application form again from the beginning. In order to find more information about writing a letter of motivation, please visit the webpage below:


Admission Requirements

4. May I appeal my admission decision or ask to have the decision explained?


There is no need to apply again. In order to have your application processed again, you should write a new letter of application specifying your new major and level of interest. 

5. How much time do I have for accepting or declining an admission offer?


Your letter of acceptance is valid for one year.

Please bear in mind that it takes about 6-8 weeks to process your entry Visa. Our fall semester starts late September, and the spring semester stars late January. We need your timely response to process your visa.

Please follow the link below to receive and fill out your Visa Study Form:


Visa Study Form


6. How do I accept the offer of admission?


In order to accept our offer of admission, reply to our reply and attach a completed Visa Study Form. In order to receive and complete the form, follow the link below:




What Next after Acceptance

1. How and when will I be informed about my acceptance?


In case your documents are complete, it will take around 8-20 weeks to process your application. You will receive an email with official letters attached.

2. You have sent my letter of acceptance and Visa Study Form. What should I do next?


Please complete the form carefully and send it back to us so that we can process your student entry visa. Firstly, you will receive a visa number by which you can receive your entry visa from the Iranian embassy/consulate which you have written on your form. After you arrival, our colleagues will help you to convert your entry visa to a long-term student visa. 

3. I have sent you my Visa Study Form. What will happen next?


We will process your Visa application and submit it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As soon as they issue your visa number, we will inform you. It takes about 6-8 weeks for your visa number to be issued.

4. How long does a visa procedure take?


On average, it takes about 6-8 weeks.

  • 5. What should I do when I receive my visa Number?

Once you receive your visa number, you need to collect your visa. In order to do so, together with your passport and your visa number, visit the Iranian embassy/consulate which you mentioned in your Visa Study Form. You can find the addresses of Iranian embassies and consulates via the link below:




Arrival and Registration

1. What should I do when I receive my visa number?


Once you receive your visa number, you need to collect your visa. In order to do so, together with your passport and your visa number, visit the Iranian embassy/consulate which you mentioned in your Visa Study Form. You can find the addresses of Iranian embassies and consulates via the link below:


Iranian embassies/consulates

2. What should I pack?


As airlines will charge you for any luggage exceeding their weight limit (please check such limits with your airline), do not bring excessive luggage with you. TUMS campus is located in the center of Tehran, and you will be able to buy almost everything from the nearby shops.


In terms of weather, Tehran is a four-season metropolis: You are likely to experience mild climate during spring and fall, hot and dry weather during summer and snowy cold weather in winter. If you plan to arrive at Tehran between mid-November to February, make sure you have suitable warm clothes and proper shoes for the snow. If you plan to live in the university’s dormitories, you do not need to pack certain items such as an iron. Moreover, do not overload your luggage with heavy books. You can find most of the books in various libraries within and outside the campus; you can also have ebooks on your USB flash drive or other electronic devices.

3. I am not arriving via air travel. What should I do?


If you are entering Tehran via other means of transportation, such as bus or train, make all possible efforts to contact the Directorate of International Affairs and Development at TUMS. You should inform us of your expected date of arrival in Tehran, so that we can make prior arrangements for your stay at the university’s dormitories.


4. What should I do when I get to the airport in Tehran?


You should send us a copy of your ticket approximately 10 days prior to your arrival. We will schedule for a representative to greet you at the airport in Tehran.


5. Where am I supposed to go for registration?


Students' registration process takes place in the Directorate for International Affairs and Development, Office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, at the address below:

3rd Floor, Number 21, Dameshgh St., Vali-e Asr Ave., Tehran 14167-53955, Iran 

Tel:  (+98 21) 88 89 66 96
       (+98 21) 88 89 85 31

Fax: (+98 21) 88 85 26 54


6. What are the required documents for registration?


The documents you need to bring with you for registration are:

1. Original passport;

2. Two copies of the main pages of your passport; 

3. 10 photos (3x4 cm); 

4. Original documents of your previous degress; and,

5. Two copies of your previous degrees and their official transcripts.


Please note that all documents need to be approved (signed and verified) by the institution which has issued the degree, the Ministry of Education of your country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


7. How and when should I pay my tuition fee?


You must pay your tuition fee by cash in U.S. dollars. The Office of Financial Affairs, at Office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, will receive your tuition. If a sponsor is paying your fees, you should bring with you a letter from your funding organization. You will need to deposit the entire tuition fee for the first year of your studies at the time of registration in order for the registration process to be complete. Therefore, please make any necessary prior arrangements for this issue.


8. How can I extend my entry visa?


After finishing the registration process, you will be accompanied by the university’s Consular Affairs and Visa Specialist to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to process your one-year student visa. You will need to have your passport, 3 photos, and 250,000 Iranian Rials.


9. Where can I learn the Persian Language and how much does it cost?


For internatioanl students who are awarded type B or C scholarships, TUMS will cover the costs of Persian/Farsi classes at Dehkhoda Institute. All students who are required to attend Persian classes as part of their course requirements need to arrive one semester prior to the beginning of their university classes in order to take part in their Persian classes. Other applicants who are interested in learning Persian can attend theses language classes prior or during their university studies.


10. Does TUMS have a handbook providing the necessary information for students?


Yes, the TUMS Prospectus is published annually which contains various types of information regarding Iran, Tehran, the University and all TUMS Schools.

TUMS Prospectus





  Admissions questions


    · Is the Orientation Program compulsory?

  Yes! The International Office conducts an orientation program one week prior to the commencement of each semester and all new international students are required to attend. The program provides essential information to new students about visa conditions, overseas student health cover, on-campus services and much more.


  · What does enrolment mean?

  It is the process that students go through to pick out the subjects they wish to study. It is only when a student is \'enrolled\' that they officially become a student of the TUMS.

  · When will I be enrolled?

  Enrolment usually happens during Orientation Week.


  · How do I know where and when Orientation Week will be?

  You should receive information about enrolment Orientation Week together with your Letter of Offer from  us.


  · What other on-campus facilities are available to students at TUMS?

  TUMS offers a range of services and facilities on and off campus to enhance university life. Free and confidential advice is offered to provide support for study and learning strategies, career and culture and localities of essential services.


  · Is there a Muslim Prayer Facility at TUMS?

  Yes, the majority of Iranian people are Muslims. Facilities are available for daily prayer of Muslim students at SHMIS.


  · Is Halal food available at TUMS?

  Yes, Halal food is available at all shops in Iran including TUMS shops.


  Pre-departure Questions

  · What should I bring with me to TUMS?

  Read our Packing Guide for a full list of what you need to bring to Tehran. We recommend you visit the Iranian Quarantine and Inspection Service website for information detailing Iranian quarantine laws and the products you can bring into Iran.


  · How much money do I need to bring?

  The amount of money you bring with you is a personal decision; however, you must make sure you have enough funds to cover your living expenses. You will be provided with a furnished accommodation at TUMS. Generally, it is advisable to have easy access to US$2000 to cover incidental expenses such as meals and transport for your first few weeks in Tehran. You should not bring large amounts of cash with you.


  · Does TUMS have a meet-and-greet service at the airport?

  Yes, the international office provides an airport reception service for international students who are             commencing their first semester at TUMS. You need to complete the Airport Reception Booking Form and forward it to the International Office once travel details are finalized.