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School of Public Health

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The 8th annual award of Dr Lee Jong-wook Memorial Prize was given to Dr Mesdaghinia
In recognition of four decades of services in Iranian health care system and continuous improvement of health in Iran, Dr Lee Jong-wook’s prize was awarded to Dr Mesdaghinia.

WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan and President of the Sixty-ninth World Health Assembly Dr Ahmed Mohammed Obaid Al Saidi together awarded this prize to Dr Mesdaghinia. Dr Lee’s Memorial Prize for Public Health was established in 2008, and is awarded to a person or persons, an institution or institutions, a governmental or nongovernmental organization or organizations, who have made an outstanding contribution to public health. 

Dr Alireza Mesdaghinia, the ex-deputy of ministry of health and medical education, is a professor in TUMS with 20-years of management experience in Iranian health care system. Also, he is the president of Iranian Association of Environmental Health since its establishment.

Dr Mesdaghinia has donated half of his US$ 100 000 award from the Dr Lee Jong-wook Memorial Prize for Public Health to establish an annual prize for public health’s next generation of leaders.

Dr. Jafarian, Chancellor of TUMS, and Dr. Takian, Associate Dean for International Affairs at SPH-TUMS, accompanied Dr. Mesdaghinia during ceremony.



Dr Lee Jong-wook (12 April 1945- 22 May 2006) was the director general of the World Health Organization for three years.


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