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School of Public Health

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7th Annual Public Health Conference of Pakistan
Travel of Dean and Associate Dean for International Affairs of SPH-TUMS to Pakistan

At the invitation of director-general of federal ministry of health of Pakistan and the dean of the National Health Services Academy (NHSA), professor Asad Hafeez, in Islamabad, Pakistan, Dr Akbari Sari and Dr Takian traveled to Islamic Republic of Pakistan as special guests.

This invitation was to participate in the 7th Annual Public Health Conference of Pakistan at 13 and 14 December, 2016. This conference was held at NHSA of Pakistan and Federal minister of health participated in it.

Dr Akbari Sari and Dr Takian participated in an expert panel on universal health coverage in the first day. Their address, as key speakers, was about Iran experience and the role of public health schools in achieving it. On the second day, Dr Takian participated in another panel about prevention and fighting with non-communicable diseases

Dr. Akbari-Sari and Dr. Takian were invited to meet with the Federal Minister of National Health Services on the 3rd day of their visit, and visited a rural health center in Punjab province as well as a WHO collaborative Center on Mental Health in Mandara. A draft of joint lines of collaboration between TUMS and HAS was exchanged between the two parties at the end of visit.

It’s worth noting that the school of public health has a comprehensive plan to start extensive scientific, research and training relations with other public health schools of the world, and this travel was in line with this plan.


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