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School of Public Health

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TUMS Schools were host to a number of IHE Seminar Speakers
On Monday, May 1st, 2017, several speakers of Internationalization of Higher Education Seminar visited schools of Public Health, Medicine, Rehabilitation, Allied Medical Sciences, TUMS Core Facilities Laboratory and Virtual School of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS)

Prof. Silvia Naf, Director of Middle-Eastern Studies of the University of Geneva, visited School of Public Health. A meeting was held with the presence of head of the departments and Vice-Dean for International Affairs of the School of Public Health. Prof. Naf also visited laboratories and departments of this school.

Mr. Matthew Monkhouse, Director of Global Engagement and Business Development of Macquarie University, Prof. Jan Skrha, Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Mobility of Charles University, Dr. Anzhela Stashchak, Head of the International Relations Office of Kharkiv National Medical University and Dr. Laure Pierrette Pain, Consultant in Anesthesiology Intensive Care of University Hospital of Strasbourg visited School of Medicine. Dr. Nima Rezaei, Vice-Dean for International Affairs of the school, provided the visitors with thorough explanation about the school and its activities. Visitors also took a tour around the school and different departments. Dr. Najafi, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology also accompanied the delegation in this visit.

After this visit, Mr. Matthew Monkhouse visited School of Allied Medical Sciences. In the meeting held at the School, Dr. Sharifi Yazdi, Vice-Dean for International Affairs and faculty members of the School introduced the school in order to figure out the opportunities for cooperation between two universities.

Dr. Anzhela Stashchak paid a visit to the School of Rehabilitation. Dr. Hadian, Vice-Dean for Research Affairs of International Campus and Dr. Shadmehr, Vice-Dean for International Affairs of School of Rehabilitation explained the activities of the School. Dr. Shadmehr also noted that the school is ready to hold short course programs and summer schools for the students of Kharkiv National Medical University.

In the afternoon lunch meeting, Prof. Jane Knight and Dr. Anzhela Stashchak visited Virtual School and were engaged in talks with the faculty members of the school to foster collaboration in the field of E-Learning and virtualization of the universities. 



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