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School of Public Health

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TUMS Chancellor and Dean Deputy for International Affairs of SPH in the Meeting of M8 Alliance Board of Directories and Regional Conference of World Health Assembly in Canada
Dr. Ali Jafarian, the chancellor, and Dr. Amirhossein Takian, head of global health department and head of M8 alliance secretariat, were attended at M8 Alliance board of directors meeting and regional scientific conference of World Health Assembly (WHA) at Montreal, Canada by invitation of WHA head during 7 & 9 May, 2017.

The one-day meeting of M8 Alliance board of directors was headed by Montreal Medical School Dean to planning for 10th health assembly that will be held in Berlin at September 2017. By board of director’s decision, it was decided that a high level delegation from I.R Iran participate in WHA meeting and give speech on universal health coverage, world security and health, health education, and refugees affairs. Dr. Jafarian, also, offered to host M8 Alliance and WHA meeting at May 7, 2019. Future meeting at University of Coimbra, Portugal, Global Health journal, affiliated to M8 alliance, membership of Istanbul University as the 25th member of the alliance, annual performance report, enacting per forma were the main topics of the meeting. Moreover, on the sidelines of an official dinner hosted by chancellor of Montreal University at its campus with attendance of board of director’s members and chancellors of Quebec’s Medical Universities and other high level guests, an Honorary Doctor of the University of Montreal was awarded to Prof. Genten, the head the WHA. Dr. Jafarian presented TUMS memorial to chancellor of Montreal University and had discussions with chancellors of Mc.Gil and Laval Medical universities about mutual collaborations. WHA’s regional two-days meeting was head at Palais des Congress with attendance of Canada’s federal minister of health and Quebec’s minister of health and more than 600 participants and pundits from different countries. Several issues on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), migration and refugees, medical education, urbanization and its challenges, antimicrobial resistance, health human resources, and 21 century challenges were discussed.  6 main speeches, 12 special panels and 2 workshops were among main programs of this meeting. Main events of this meeting were as follow: the TUMS chancellor met head of global health institute of Geneva and discussed about mutual collaborations on global health education; inviting the chancellor of Sapienza University, Rome, to send a delegate in special meetings on migration and refuges at July, 2018; agreement with chancellor of Coimbra University, Portugal, about the areas of TUMS participation in future meeting of the WHA; agreement with head of global health department of higher education institute of Geneva about active participation of TUMS in Silk Road world project; meeting with the John Hopkin’s Dean of School of Public Health and discussing about mutual health collaborations. Also, Dr. Jafarian participated in an official lunch hosted by head of Montreal Institute for Clinical Research, a senior research institute that conducts clinical research and basic science in Quebec. During this official lunch that was held especially for Dr. Jafarian, they discussed about the mutual collaboration opportunities. It worth noting that TUMS is the first and only member of M8 alliance from West Asia and North Africa region.


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