Friday, September 18, 2020   22:47:28
School of Public Health

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International Workshop on Developing Skills in Health Planning Ended on 14 September
The international workshop on “Developing Skills in Health Planning” which was held by the SPH with the collaboration of the WHO was ended at 14, September

At the closing ceremony, Dr. Iraj Harirchi, Vice Chancellor of the Minister of Health and Minister Deputy, explained the Ministry of Health and Medical Education’s agenda through mentioning six main topics:

Continuing and institutionalizing the recent health transformation plan in the framework of the sixth development plan of the country

Full implementation of referral system and family physician program, in the form of comprehensive and universal services system

Implementation of program on transformation and innovation in medical education and research

Sustainable financing, costs control through transparency in management and appropriating revenues, costs and activities

Transforming the health system, in order to strengthen the stewardship, agility, and separating roles

Monitoring, management and claiming for reforming social determinant to avoid negative consequeunces in physical, mental, and social aspects of health

At the end, participant’s questions were answered by Dr. Harirchi .

Dr. Akbari Sari, Dr. Samen Sedighi, Dr. Majdzadeh, and Dr. Takian summarized the issues, which were provided in the workshop and thanked the participants for their active participation.

Finally participant’s opinion about the workshop were collected and an evaluation was performed.  



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